About AARI Embroidery

Earlier Royal king families used to wear these AARI embroidery in past centuries. There after this became familiar among the higher officials and other Zamindhar families. Likewise In 1st century, people who are all rich and affordable buy Aari decorated dresses. They are all for their Wedding, special functions and festivals. These clothes are symbol of prosperity. Hindu statues and Idols covered by clothes decorated by AARI embroidery.

What is AARI embroidery?

A pen like needle which resembles the shape of a crochet needle, gives rise to an intrinsic form of artwork called the ‘Aari work’. In this artwork beads and ‘muthia’, a sharp edged needle is put to work, which creatively gives rise to chain stitch kind of imprints. This work is popular for its delicate and finest threadwork which enhances the essence of hand embroidery.

Making The fabric is first stretched over a frame to remove uneven, loose folds in the fabric texture. The frame comprises four wooden spars resting on wooden posts. Next, using thick cotton thread, the fabric is sew on to the wooden frame.

General Details about the Course:

  1. Registration Must – Rs. 100
  2. Course Duration: 30 Days – Daily 2 Hour (Sundays Holidays)
  3. 45 Stitches Includes Blouse Marking, Tracing and Designing
  4. Fees Rs. 5000/-
  5. Materials will be provided as the part of course. Shipping extra for sending Materials.
  6. For Batch Contains Minimum 5 – Max 10 Members Only

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