About Sola Wood:

Technically it is plant called: Aeschynomene aspera, but is commonly referred to as sola or shola across the world.  It grows wild in marsh areas and is one of the lightest known woods. 

Many times the bark is taken off to expose the cream, cork like centre of the plant.  That centre is then made into thin sheets which are taken and are used to create the sola wood flowers by hand.  Yes!  Every single sola wood flower you receive has been created by hand no machines are used!  Sometimes the bark is left on while creating the sheets to form the flowers and those we typically refer to as bark or skin flowers and create a two tone effect. 

General Details about the Course:

  • Duration: 8 Hours / Daily 1 Hour
  • Fee Rs.1500/-
  • Registration Must: Fee. Rs. 100/-
  • What you learn
    • Roses 
    • Mogra( jasmine)
    • Wall Hanging

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